America's Past, Present, and Future

This week we remember the friends, loved ones, and fellow Americans who tragically lost their lives in the deadly attacks on September 11th. The events of that day brought American foreign policy to the kitchen table of families not only in West Michigan but across the nation.
Thirteen years have passed since that horrible day and again foreign policy has returned to the kitchen table as a new threat has risen with the same, if not greater, ambition to inflict harm on Americans simply because of who we are.
On Wednesday evening, President Obama addressed the nation and laid out portions of his plan to counter this new threat.  I believe the President is finally starting to move in the right direction. We as a nation must once again come together, regardless of political affiliation, to stop ISIS before their influence, power, and capacity to commit acts of terror can spread even further.
We are truly blessed to have the freedoms and opportunities we have in West Michigan, but we need to be mindful that there are still those around the world who don’t share our values and don’t believe in our freedoms. I pray for the men and women serving our nation across the globe in the face of these growing threats. Their efforts to keep our nation safe are nothing short of heroic.
Moving forward, my goal is to weigh all of the options presented and support the plan that best keeps America safe and makes the future even brighter for the next generation.
God Bless America,
– Bill