Bill Announces His Campaign for the New 4th Congressional District!

I have exciting news! Yesterday, the Michigan Redistricting Commission approved the new congressional map for the next 10 years and I wanted to let you know that I am running in the newly created 4th Congressional District.

This district will include all of Allegan and Van Buren Counties, large portions of Ottawa and Kalamazoo Counties, the greater Battle Creek community, and the communities in Northern Berrien County including Benton Harbor and St. Joseph.

As someone who was born, raised, and now raising my family in Ottawa County, I am excited about this new opportunity to serve my community and my country.

While I am sure there will be legal challenges to the new maps at both the federal and state levels, Democrats in Washington are plowing ahead with their out-of-touch agenda and we can’t let up!

I have proudly stood against Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s radical socialist proposals and I have voted against the Democrats’ out-of-control spending that is mortgaging our children and our grandchildren’s future.

I am excited to get on the campaign trail and talk about my plans to continue protecting life, cutting spending, and creating opportunities for Michiganders. We need to right the fiscal ship and that starts by retiring Nancy Pelosi.

Instead of moving to strengthen our economy, Democrats have proposed waves of tax increases on small businesses that are still reeling from Governor Whitmer’s lockdowns and continue to struggle under President Biden’s excessive mandates.

We have a real opportunity to turn our country around in November by taking back the House and bringing common-sense conservative leadership back to Washington!

We will have more updates soon, but I wanted you to be among the first to know that I am ready to run for re-election!

With your support, we can make the 4th District of Michigan an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.