Video: New Campaign Ad Highlights Bill's Effort To Save West Michigan Jobs

Yesterday, Bill released a campaign ad focusing on Structural Concepts, a cutting edge refrigeration display case manufacturer located in Muskegon County. Contradictory regulations issued by bureaucrats in Washington threatened to eliminate 500 West Michigan jobs and when Structural Concepts tried to explain their case, the bureaucrats at the Department of Energy and the EPA simply wouldn’t listen.

The ad below discusses how Bill took the bureaucrats head on, cut through the red tape, and stopped Washington from putting 500 West Michigan families out of work.

As Bill begins to make his closing argument, you will hear more examples of how Bill has taken the fight to the bureaucrats in Washington on behalf of hardworking West Michigan families and small businesses. Be sure to follow Bill on Facebook to stay up to date on future events and campaign stops leading up to the election on November 8th!