Tax Reform Results: Chrysler Brings 2,500 Jobs Back Home, Issues $2,000 Bonuses

Yesterday, Chrysler made a monumental announcement on multiple fronts stemming from tax reform. First, they announced they are investing $1 billion in Michigan. Next the company announced they are bringing the Dodge Ram Truck line back to Michigan from Mexico. This will create 2,500 good-paying jobs right here in Michigan. But the good news doesn’t end there. Chrysler also announced $2,000 bonuses for their 60,000 U.S. employees.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act enacted less than a month ago. Chrysler’s announcement is significant for our economy and for thousands of hardworking families across Michigan. This would not be possible if it wasn’t for tax reform.

In response to the Chrysler news, Bill released the following statement: Despite being signed into law only three weeks ago, we are already seeing tangible benefits from tax reform. This billion dollar announcement by Fiat Chrysler will have an enormous impact on Michigan’s economy. By reforming our outdated and uncompetitive tax code, 2,500 good-paying jobs are returning to Michigan. Not only will this investment benefit communities surrounding Warren, it will also provide more opportunity for suppliers in West Michigan.”
Here are some of the headlines featuring this incredible announcement: