Setting The Record Straight: Detailing Michigan's Comeback

On Friday, State Representative Lisa Posthumus Lyons wrote an excellent piece detailing the progress Michigan has made under Governor Snyder’s Leadership.  Imagine what Governor Snyder could accomplish if he had partners in Washington furthering Michigan’s comeback instead of making it more difficult by adding more regulation and more big government? Below are highlights from Rep. Lyons’ column, which you can read in its entirety here on Mlive.

  • Michigan’s unemployment rate is 7.2 percent, the lowest it has been in six years. Cutting the unemployment rate in half in just four years is hardly what I would call “stagnant.”
  • Michigan is now first for manufacturing job growth, a top-10 state for high- and middle-wage jobs, and personal income and home values are at their highest level in six years.
  • We also removed nearly 2,000 burdensome rules and regulations, spurring job growth in Michigan. Small-business owners – our main job providers – are no longer suffering from the burdens of double taxation and can invest in employees and equipment instead.
  • As chair of the House Education Committee, I assure you that educational success is paramount to our caucus and Gov. Snyder. In the past four years, K-12 funding in Michigan has increased by $1 billion. The investment in the School Aid Fund is the highest in Michigan’s history. MLive and other media outlets have written several times about how the Democrats saying education funding has been cut is a “big and persistent lie.”