A Better Way: The Detroit News Highlights Republican Plan To Combat Poverty & Create Opportunity

Earlier this week, The Detroit News published an editorial about the latest Republican effort to create a more confident America. The new House Republican plan called, A Better Way, addresses ways to combat poverty, strengthen national security, grow the economy, and preserve & defend the Constitution. The Detroit News editorial focuses on the first plank of the plan: poverty.
From the Detroit News:

On poverty, Republicans are tackling one of the least effective and most wasteful government function. This year, Washington will spend $744 billion on 80 programs to provide food, housing and health care to impoverished Americans. That’s double the amount spent in 2016.

Yet the poverty rate remains stubbornly stable at 14.8 percent, virtually the same as it was in 1966 when the Great Society anti-poverty initiative began. Something’s not working.

Proposed Republican reforms would not spend a dollar less on poverty programs, or a dollar more. Rather, they would revamp the system to make it more individually targeted and change the goal from sustaining people in a tolerable level of poverty to moving them out of poverty altogether. …

Welfare, like most government programs, is evaluated by a perverse measure—by how much they spend and how many people are enrolled rather than how many are moved out of the programs and into self-sustaining lives. … Republicans have a solid plan to make that happen.

To read the entire Detroit News editorial on the Republican plan to combat poverty click here.  To learn more about “A Better Way” and the House Republican vision for creating a more prosperous, confident, and secure America, click here or visit Better.GOP.