Grand Haven Tribune Column: Tax Reform For Hardworking Americans at Last

Earlier this week, Grand Haven Tribune Columnist Mike Gross discussed the GOP tax reform proposal and detailed how the plan will positively benefit hardworking families in West Michigan. Mike writes:

This framework does so much to fix the tax code for those of us who go to work each day to support our families. It supports saving for children’s education needs and helps protect our retirement security. It supports working parents by helping them provide better resources for their children. These are the type of bipartisan endeavors our elected officials seek to achieve in Washington. This outline does so while upholding the conservative values that we cherish here in West Michigan.
While positive progress is being made, the framework has several steps to complete before we see a tax cut. I am glad to see Congressman Bill Huizenga discuss the framework, meet with constituents, and talk about the need to provide relief to middle class families and small businesses in West Michigan.
It’s time to tell our senators how important tax reform is for hard-working families in Grand Haven, across Ottawa County and throughout Michigan. Remember, it isn’t Washington’s money to begin with — it’s ours.

Read Mike’s full column on the beneficial impact of the GOP tax reform plan at the Grand Haven Tribune.