Bill Fights to Protect the Great Lakes From Nuclear Waste

This week, Bill spoke about the bipartisan effort to stop Canada from building a nuclear disposal site less than a mile from the Great Lakes.
“With 24 million Americans getting their drinking water from the Great Lakes Basin, and countless more relying on the Great Lakes for recreation and their livelihood, storing nuclear waste within a mile of the Great Lakes poses far too great a risk,” remarked Congressman Huizenga. “The U.S. State Department should use all of the diplomatic tools available to persuade the Canadians to select an alternative site.”
In a bipartisan letter to the State Department, Bill and his colleagues wrote, “We cannot let cost be the sole driving factor in this critical decision, as storing nuclear waste in the Great Lakes Basin bears far too great a risk that would be fundamentally devastating to an entire region.”
The lawmakers continued, “any contamination whatsoever would pose disastrous repercussions as all of the lakes are connected to one another, and no barrier, man-made or natural, would be able to stop a potential catastrophe of epic proportions.”
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