More Government Isn't the Answer, It's the Problem!

Last night, the Democrat candidates for President took the stage in Las Vegas and showed precisely why we can’t afford to have any of them in the White House.
Bernie Sanders not only admitted he was a socialist, he launched an assault on the fundamental ideas of capitalism, the free market, and hard work that have allowed families and communities across West Michigan to flourish.
Hillary Clinton demonstrated that her policies are merely a continuation of President Obama’s failed economic policies that have led to the weakest economic recovery since the Great Depression.
This is why I need your help!
We need a leader in the White House who is going to put forward an economic agenda that promotes innovation, entrepreneurship, and a pro-growth tax environment that supports job creation and economic expansion. We need someone who believes that capitalism and the free market are forces for good and have created the greatest prosperity and middle class the world has ever seen.
West Michigan has held true to these principles and because of that our communities have recovered faster and stronger than most of the nation. The key to unlocking economic prosperity doesn’t lie with the federal government, its resides in hearts of everyday hardworking Michiganders.
Please join my effort to promote these common sense conservative values by donating $10, $25, or $50 today to make sure we have a President that knows more government isn’t the answer, it’s the problem.
Thank you for your continued support,
– Bill