Send a Small Business Owner to Washington

Send a Small Business Owner to Washington
By Congressman Bill Huizenga
The Courier-Leader

Recently, a column was printed called “Politicians should spend time in private sector.” I am not sure it could have been more timely. If you look at the economic policy debates currently taking place in our nation’s capital, it becomes strikingly clear that too many of our elected leaders simply do not understand what it takes to keep the lights on, make payroll, or run a small business. This also means they cannot fully grasp how the policies they are seeking to enact will impact small businesses in Van Buren County.

As a third generation co-owner of my family’s sand and gravel operation, located in Ottawa County, I have a unique understanding of the challenges small businesses currently face. Every time a federal agency issues a new rule or Congress passes a law with new regulatory requirements, there is the potential for a wave of red tape to flow out of Washington. Each time this happens, it creates another hurdle for private sector employers. While bigger companies are more likely to have compliance officers that can update and track these actions, regulatory burdens create significantly bigger challenges for small businesses. This is true whether you are talking about small scale manufacturing, family farms, or a local credit union.

Lately, it seems every time President Biden or Nancy Pelosi introduce a major initiative, it costs trillions, significantly raises taxes, and somehow still isn’t paid for. Why does the federal government seem to think it can spend money it simply doesn’t have? Our nation is now an astonishing $30 trillion in debt and inflation is rising to levels not seen in 40 years. No business could operate in such a manner. This is one of the reasons I am supporting the Inflation Prevention Act. This commonsense measure combats the federal government’s contribution to inflation while also addressing Washington’s out of control spending in the short-term. In the long-term, we must also have a strategy to address our nation’s debt which is why I support adding a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. Washington’s addiction to spending must be broken and I believe this is the best way to address this problem.

Elected leaders with private sector experience also have a more firm understanding of how tax increases significantly impact how local job creators operate. Small businesses should be planning to invest in new equipment, hire new employees, or expand their operations. By raising taxes, the federal government reduces the ability of these small companies to allocate their resources. Instead, Congress should be promoting policies that help local small businesses reinvest their revenue back into the Southwest Michigan community, not increasing federal taxes which sends even more money to Washington.

We don’t need more bureaucrats. We need more small business friendly elected leaders who understand what it takes to balance a budget, create jobs, and build a brighter future. I am hoping to earn your vote and show you how my small business experience has equipped me to be one of these leaders.