Tax Reform to Lower Utility Bills across Michigan

This week, both Consumers Energy and DTE have announced utility rate cuts for millions of Michigan customers because of tax reform.
According to the Detroit Free Press: “Consumers in Michigan are likely to get a break on their heating and electric bills within the next few months, as utilities pass along some savings from lower corporate taxes. DTE Energy said Tuesday that it has proposed cutting energy rates by 3% for its average customers, as a result of a reduction in the new federal law. DTE said it expects that nearly $190 million in savings will be passed along to customers in 2018.
“Jackson-based Consumers Energy said Friday that it submitted a proposal to lower customer bills by about $200 million, as a result of federal tax reform.¬†¬†Katie Carey, director of media relations for Consumers Energy, said customers could see rate cuts by the second quarter, if Consumers receives approval from the Michigan Public Service Commission, as expected in February. In general, she said, the proposal by Consumers requests an average 3% to 4% reduction across various customer classes.”
Less money to Washington. Less money to the utility companies. More money for hardworking West Michiganders to use how you see fit.