Tax Reform Spurs West Michigan Company to Issue Bonuses

As companies across America raise wages, issue bonuses, hire more workers, and expand benefits because of tax reform, businesses here in West Michigan are doing the same. Recently, a West Michigan-based architectural firm announced $1,500 bonuses for all 400 of its employees.
From the Grand Rapids Business Journal: Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, or FTCH, said yesterday it issued $1,500 bonuses to all 400 of its full- and part-time employees, effective Dec. 29. Jim Susan, president of FTCH, said the company decided to give out the bonuses as a result of the firm’s tax savings following passage of the federal tax bill on Dec. 22. “We just decided it was a little windfall for the firm in general, and we decided we would share that with all our staff members,” he said.
While some out of touch liberals are denying this positive impact, the reality is that tax reform has already begun providing tangible benefits to hardworking families in West Michigan and across the nation.