The Blaze: Huizenga Cut Fuels House Effort to Hold IRS Accountable

Today, The Blaze featured Congressman Huizenga’s effort to hold the IRS accountable for targeting Americans because of their political beliefs and West Michigan Families because of their decision to adopt a child.
From The Blaze:
Late Monday, members went further by considering amendments to chop even more from the proposed $10.95 billion IRS budget. And the big cuts were approved easily in voice votes, demonstrating how little appetite there is among Democrats to defend the IRS in the wake of its effort to target conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status.
The biggest reduction came from Rep. Bill Huizenga (R-Mich.), who proposed a whopping $788 million cut from the IRS’s $5 billion tax enforcement budget.
“The IRS has been targeting American taxpayers, as we’ve learned, for their political beliefs for the last four or five years,” Huizenga said. “During this period, a culture of shading the truth was fostered and developed by directors and administrators throughout the IRS.
“Now this culture within the IRS has grown to one of stonewalling, double-talk and mistrust. It’s up to Congress to use the power of the purse… to rein in the IRS and force them to conduct their analysis in an unbiased manner.”
The huge cut was approved in a voice vote.
Watch Rep. Huizenga’s full speech about the need to hold the IRS Accountable HERE: