Bill Huizenga represents Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District

Spanning from Ludington down the coast of Lake Michigan to Holland and into western Kent County to include the cities of Grandville, Kentwood, Walker, and Wyoming, the Second District is blessed with industrial, agricultural, and economic diversity that has helped create distinct and unique communities across West Michigan. Bill has had the honor of representing this incredible district since January of 2011.

As West Michigan’s representative, Bill has proven himself to be a leader in the effort to rein in Washington’s out of control spending and prevent tax increases on hard working middle class families and small business job creators. Bill’s other areas of focus include, protecting the sanctity of life, limiting the role of the federal government, preserving the Great Lakes, and creating a sensible regulatory environment that provides for necessary safety standards without negatively impacting the private sector’s ability to expand and create jobs.

As a member of the influential House Financial Services Committee, Bill exercises a powerful voice on issues vital to the economic well-being of the 2nd District and the nation

Bill has made privacy a priority and has introduced and secured passage of legislation requiring that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) safeguard all information submitted to the bureau. Bill has also authored legislation that: reforms Dodd-Frank, makes it easier for mom and pop stores to sell to the next generation of small business entrepreneurs, increases certainty for farmers and growers, and improves the mortgage system so low and middle income borrows who can afford a mortgage can get a qualified mortgage.

The challenges facing small businesses are not new to Bill, nor are they something he merely talks about. As co-owner of Huizenga Gravel, Inc. since 1999, Bill understands what it takes to make a payroll and how regulatory and tax issues impact small business owners.

Bill was born and raised in
Zeeland, Michigan

He currently resides there with his wife, Natalie, and their five children. His children are the reason he ran for public office and inspire him to strive for an environment of prosperity for their generation – one that will encourage job creation through private sector growth, spending cuts, reducing the size of government, and keeping Americans safe both at home and abroad.

Growing up, Bill attended Holland Christian High School, and later received his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Calvin College.