Bill Rallies Support for Tudor Dixon in Holland!

Yesterday, Bill joined Tudor Dixon and Shane Hernandez at Marlena’s in Holland. The event was packed! In fact, so many excited supporters attended the event that a second rally was held in the parking lot to address the overflow crowd!

Bill discussed how Gretchen Whitmer and Joe Biden’s failed leadership has made it harder for small businesses to keep their doors open. With Whitmer-enacted lockdowns, Joe Biden backed tax hikes, and increased regulatory red tape at all levels, small business job creators across Michigan are working harder than ever just to keep the lights on.

Just this week, data was released showing that Michigan led the nation in small business closures. Small businesses are the engine of our economy which is why it is vital to ensure they have an environment where they can grow and succeed. Every day, Bill is fighting to rein in the federal bureaucracy and promote a commonsense tax and regulatory environment so innovative entrepreneurs and family-run small businesses can thrive.