Bill Votes To Cut Taxes For West Michigan!

Yesterday, Bill voted in support of legislation to cut taxes for hardworking middle class families, small businesses, and companies across West Michigan.  After the legislation passed the House, Bill released the following statement:
“Our plan lowers tax rates, doubles the standard deduction, increases the Child Tax Credit, preserves the Adoption Tax Credit, and creates a new Family Tax Credit that will provide real tax relief for hardworking middle class families across West Michigan. Additionally, our legislation will increase economic growth by cutting taxes on small businesses so they can invest more of their money into growing their local business and create new jobs in our community. Lastly, our legislation also lowers the corporate tax rate so Michigan job creators of all sizes can compete against foreign companies, expand in Michigan, and create good-paying jobs.
“Our nation’s tax code hasn’t been overhauled in three decades. In that time, economic growth has failed to reach its potential while special interests and the well-connected have created loopholes for themselves at the expense of low and moderate income families. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act reverses this trend by simplifying our tax code, eliminating loopholes, and delivering tax relief for hardworking middle class families and small businesses.
“This legislation provides more opportunity for West Michigan families living paycheck to paycheck to achieve the American Dream.”
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