Bill Joins Firefighters, Girl Scouts at Pancake Breakfast in Newaygo

Last weekend, Bill joined Newaygo County residents, local firstresponders, and State Senate Candidate Jon Bumstead at the Logging Festival Pancake Breakfast in Newaygo. It was a packed firehouse and for good reason. Not only do our firefighters help keep the community safe, they also make a stellar breakfast.

Right as you walked in the door, Girl Scout Troop 4581 had their bake sale table set up to help raise money for their trip to Georgia. They had a delicious assortment of baked goods, but Bill ended up choosing a delicious homemade zucchini bread.

The firstresponders were showing attendees their new lifesaving CPR equipment and providing updates on fire safety. During the breakfast, Bill hosted a Facebook live update and Trevor demonstrated how the CPR machine works.

Before heading out, Bill made sure to stop by and talk to the Chief (who was working the grill) and thank him for his and his team’s incredible work to keep residents across the county safe.