Four weeks out – Here's how you can get involved!

In 28 days, we have the opportunity to change the direction of Washington, but I need your help to do that. Your involvement is more critical now than ever in making sure West Michigan’s voice is heard.
Here are four easy steps you can take to get involved and help spread the word.

  • Volunteer– we are looking for volunteers to help in the county party offices and in the field.  Elections are won and lost by the grassroots, and we need you to participate.
  • Contribute– Please consider donating $28, that’s just $1 a day for the next four weeks so we can meet our goal of reaching out to communities across West Michigan and help get principled, commonsense conservatives elected.
  • Take a Sign– Huizenga for Congress yard signs are available in county party offices. We can also deliver them to you when we are in your neighborhood. If you would like a sign, just let me know!
  • Contact Your Friends– whether it is at the coffee shop, by e-mail, or in a Facebook post, remind your friends and family how important this upcoming election is and how important it is to vote.

This November we have the opportunity to send Washington a message, but in order to do that we need a strong turnout in West Michigan!
I hope I can count on your support!