Let's Make Our Voice Heard!

We are down to the final two weeks of the campaign and these last 13 days will determine the direction our country is headed for the next two years. This is why the election on November 4th is so important, and it’s also why I need your support.
Next week, President Obama is coming to Michigan in a last minute effort to spin his failed policies and undoubtedly attempt to take credit for Michigan’s comeback. However, we know better. We know that Michigan’s comeback has happened despite Washington’s policies, not because of them.
The reality is, President Obama’s agenda has made it harder for Michigan manufacturers to do business, raised health care costs on Michigan families, and made it more difficult for the next generation of Michiganders to succeed. We can’t afford to have Democrats who supported ObamaCare and the President’s job-killing agenda take office in Michigan, it will reverse the progress we have made!
Can I count on you to donate $13 so we can make sure that Republicans in Michigan stand up to the President’s agenda and make 2014 a year to remember?
Together, we can send a message to the President that says it’s time to focus on what’s best for West Michigan, not what’s best for Washington.
I hope you will join me!