Letter: Huizenga committed to helping veterans

My father served with Congressman Bill Huizenga’s father in the Eighth Air Force during World War II defeating the Axis powers.
I know firsthand how committed he is to our veterans, it’s personal. We routinely speak on getting the right kind of support for our veterans and I know he has championed several bills in Congress supporting veterans over the years. Thank you, Bill, on behalf of my brother and sister veterans.
When it comes to the care of our veterans when they return home — he has always been a tireless advocate for providing these heroes with the quality care they rightfully deserve.
Recently, Bill voted to fund the Department of Veterans Affairs at the largest dollar amount in the VA’s history. This funding will be committed to provide for services such as opioid abuse prevention, suicide prevention outreach, and mental health care services.
Our veterans deserve immediate action to improve their care and Congressman Bill Huizenga has been involved in passing these landmark VA reforms. With his support, the House has passed legislation that holds the VA accountable, provides financial safeguards for families, and modernizes our current VA system.
We can all agree that when veterans complete their time in the service, they shouldn’t struggle to find employment or further their education. That’s why Congressman Bill Huizenga has worked to make it easier for veterans to participate in apprenticeship programs and receive educational assistance.
We are grateful for our veterans for the many sacrifices they have made to protect and preserve freedom at home and abroad. West Michigan should be proud to have a Congressman who is committed to defending these veterans and their families when their time in the service is complete.
Mark Northrup
Mayor of Hudsonville and U.S. Coast Guard veteran
This letter appeared in the Holland Sentinel on September 28th